Battery expert with extensive battery experience

  • Corporate R&D fellow, well known in the battery industry
  • Author and presenter of numerous papers and publications
  • 11 US patents, 3 pending, plus hundreds of international patents
  • Expertise in a wide range of electrochemial systems and applications: 
    • Form factors: coin, prismatic, cylindrical, pouch, thin printed
    • Chemistries: :
      • Zinc anode systems : alkaline based- manganese dioxide, oxygen, and silver dioxide
      • Lithium anode systems: manganese dioxide, carbon mono-fluoride, copper oxide, sulfur, iron disulfide, and titanium disulfide
      • Lithium ion carbon anode systems: lithium cobalt dioxide and multi metal oxides cathode

Vision and Strategic Thinking

  • Monitored and advised on emerging technologies, identifying threats and opportunities
  • Developed and presented business cases for new opportunities
  • Created development roadmaps for existing products and proposed product re-positioning strategies
  • Provided novel solutions to unresolved product design and manufacturing issues 
  • Provided direction and concepts for product segmentation, expanding the product line and increasing sales and profit margins
  • Leveraged strong skills in networking with external partners to develop and optimize materials for unique battery requirements

Strong Leadership Experience

  • Principal investigator and team lead on two multi-million dollar government contracts (CERDEC) , significantly exceeding program deliverables
  • Mentor to new engineers and advisor to experienced engineers and management
  • Experienced project manager and team leader delivering new products to market, improved product performance, reduced defect levels and millions of dollars in cost savings
  • Served on steering team for implementation of  the Design for Six Sigma program for a battery R&D organization

Extensive practical manufacturing experience

  • Employ holistic approach to balancing product performance with manufacturability, ensuring machine logic and equipment functions complement product design intents
  • Skilled in scale-up from lab to pilot to high speed mass production, incorporating state-of the art advances in equipment and extensive 100% in-line inspection of critical parameters
  • Expertise in electrode formulation, web handling, high speed manufacturing for product safety and reliability 
  • A history of strong relationships with production, procurement, and quality departments as well as external partners such as material and equipment suppliers

Logic-based approach

  • Trained and belted in design for six sigma (DFSS) with practical experience in problem solving, defining the voice of customer, axiomatic process decoupling, designed experiments, and structured decision analysis
  • Data-driven decision making based on sound statistical analysis
  • Experienced project manager, keeping projects on track with logic driven work breakdown structures

Background experience

  • Optimized zinc air cell oxygen reduction electrode based on inherent carbon characteristics and  balancing hydrophobic / hydrophilic properties,  while simultaneously stabilizing the zinc anode from corrosion. Extended the product design from hearing aid applications to longer life sensor applications.
  • Re-positioned and re-designed a major product line to support marketing claims for performance unparalleled in the industry
  • Supported multiple challenges globally to patent defenses from major corporations, resulting in successfully keeping, low cost, poor quality products out of the US market.
  • Served as the principal scientist in a NIST / ATP funded, $8 million program between three companies.  An objective of this program was to assess the potential of lithium sulfur chemistry and new processes, which could significantly shift the rechargeable battery market from Asia to the US
  • Provided technical guidance to the polymer thick film printing program (aka printed batteries) which included such responsibilities as mapping the process and defining the operating boundaries and window of opportunity for this production approach to thin film printed batteries
  • Responsible for establishing business cases for new product concepts.  These business cases took into account such aspects as resources, product and capital costs, timing, prototype development, environmental and legal issues, product price structure and potential market size and growth.  Served as a team leader coordinating discussions with Marketing, Production, Vendors and Product / Process engineers.  Approximately three business cases were delivered per year.
  • Directed several teams in a fast paced development effort to establish lithium ion manufacturing in the US. Areas of responsibility included: Team leader of electrode development, cell design balancing performance with product safety, identification of critical raw material properties, vendor selection, establishing new global partnerships, identifying new process technologies, and serving a significant role in the transfer of technology from pilot line to production. This was a very significant $70 million dollar program for lithium ion product development and implementation.
  • Responsible for developing many key aspects of a new product including new processes, construction design details, and IP.  Responsibilities included developing a totally new electrode fabrication process, identifying and selecting key equipment manufacturers.  Worked closely with outside companies domestically and in Europe to tailor process and product for manufacturability, inline quality checks and inherent product safety design concepts.  This program resulted in a new 1.5 volt lithium cell; the “World’s Longest Lasting” AA cell in the world.
  • Served as the principal engineer in a series of product development programs from alkaline coin cells to primary and secondary lithium cells.  Chemistries include: Zn-MnO2, Zn-HgO, Zn-Ag2O, Zn-Air, Li-MnO2, LiCFx, Li-TiS2, Li-CuO, and Li-FeS2.  Fundamental concepts emphasized include: web converting, membrane technology, gas diffusion theories, ion transport and mobility, material compatibility issues, process scale up, etc.


  • Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH
    • M.S. Physical Chemistry
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Intern with FDA, Washington D.C.
  • Mansfield State University, Mansfield, PA
    • B.A Chemistry